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Details of fees for our services are listed below. It is possible to combine assessments and other services for your child.


We start all new patient assessments with a Initial Telephone Consultation to determine, with you, the best way forward to helping your child.  

Please note all fees must be paid in advance of the appointment. 

Initial Telephone Consultation

Before committing to  an assessment we will arrange a telephone consultation to discuss what assessments are required for your child with you and talk you through the assessment process. This is a half hour telephone appointment. 


ADHD Assessment

The ADHD assessment is with a Consultant Psychiatrist or Paediatrician, completed face to face at Litfield house. The assessment will be for an 90 minutes and include review of information from school, physical examination and performance testing. Medical treatment can also be discussed, and if required, started at this appointment.  


ADHD Review

For children/young people on medication. At the appointment will complete clinical monitoring and decide, together, on any required changes to dose or medication type. We recommend that children on medication are reviewed every 6 months. 


ADHD Prescription charge

This is the charge for processing a prescription directly from BICP for children already on medication overseen by BICP. Please note that this does not include the cost of the medication itself.


Autism Assessment 

This is a two day assessment for autism. 

Day 1: This is a 4 hour assessment including clinical history, review of school information and completion of an ADOS assessment with a certified administrator.

Day 2: This is a 90 minute feedback appointment with a consultant to review finding from the assessment and creation of an ASD care plan. 


Sleep Consultation

This is a review of children with sleep difficulties and neurodiversity. The consultation will review the sleep difficulties and we can also consider use of medical treatments such as Melatonin. This consultation last 60 minutes. 


Private Insurance

If you have Private Health Insurance it is your responsibility to contact them and confirm with them that you are covered for the appointment or assessment. It is important to consider the possibility of further appointments once started on medication.

If your policy covers your appointment, your insurance company will give you an authorisation number which you will need to share with the BICP customer service team when you make a booking. 

Please remember that the booking is made directly between you and bicp and thus it is your responsibility to pay any unsettled bills.



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