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  • Will my school/GP accept diagnoses from a private provider?
    All of our clinical staff hold professional registration in the UK and work within the NHS doing the work that we provide through BICP. Our assessments are completed in line with UK NICE guidance and should be accepted by schools, GPs and other services as an full and complete assessment for the condition.
  • Can you support or prescribe medications for emotional health issues (for example anxiety, depression, self-harm)
    Currently we are not able to support with either assessment or management of emotional/mental health issues, although this is an area that we are looking to expand into. Conditions that we cannot help with include: - Anxiety - Depression - Self harming - Eating disorders - Split personality disorders - OCD If you are unsure if we would be able to meet your child's needs please contact our customer care team via our contact page
  • If my child is started on medication, for ADHD for example - can I get shared care through my GP?
    Local arrangements are outlined on the BNSGG website ( and there are shared care agreements for most ADHD medications. This means prescriptions can be issued by your GP, however, this is once they have been stablished on a dose (usually after 3 months) and clinical oversight remains with the BICP doctor - which means that we would need to continue to review your case via a follow up appointment every 6 months. Arrangements vary in other parts of the UK and you may need to check with your local GP.
  • Can I access local support services for autism and ADHD i.e. BAT, if I have had a private diagnosis?
    Yes. Local support groups and services, including Bristol Autism Team will accept diagnosis from BICP as evidence for autism. In developing a care plan for your child we will endeavour to link you with local support groups and services so you know what is on offer and are not missing out on sources of support for your child. We work with local support services to ensure that we are producing the best possible service for your child.
  • How long is your waiting list?
    This varies depending on local demand and as our service starts up we are unsure of how long the service will take. We are committed to providing a timely service for children and we will ensure that you know once you contact us how long you can expect to wait for an appointment.
  • What happens if the assessment does not conclude Autsim/ADHD?
    We cannot guarantee that the assessment will be able to conclude either condition. In this situation we will give you our professional opinion on the cause of your child's difficulties and create a management plan based on your child's needs. We always start our assessments with a telephone consultation, one reason for this is to try and direct you to the correct assessment at the start of the process. Please note that we do not offer a refund if we are unable to conclude autism or ADHD.
  • I think my child might have autism and ADHD, is this possible? Can I combine assessments?
    This is certainly possible and we feel that looking at both conditions during an assessment when considering a child's difficulties is beneficial for the child. We can combine assessments for both conditions, but it is helpful to know if you have concerns in this area before contacting us so that we can allocate enough time to review both conditions. See "contact us" to get more details.
  • Can you prescribe medications for ADHD without a child having had their diagnosis through BICP?
    Before prescribing medications the Doctor involved would need to be clear that the diagnosis was correct. We are able to see children with a existing diagnosis of ADHD, but we will need to meet them for a clinic appointment and review this diagnosis before being able to prescribe medication. Please contact us for more information on this.
  • If I have received a diagnosis through BICP can follow up care be accessed through the NHS?
    In Bristol, it is possible for local NHS services to continue seeing a child who have received a diagnosis privately. However for an NHS service to be providing oversight of medications they will need to be stablished on medications for at least 3 months.
  • How do I arrange prescriptions through your service?
    We can issue a hand written prescription from our clinic. For repeat prescriptions we use a online service called Cloud Rx which can manage and deliver the prescription to you.
  • Can you contribute to my Child's EHCP?
    Yes, we are happy to contribute to the professional section of an EHCP report and give a description of your child's diagnoses/needs.
  • How do I make a complaint?
    Please see our complaints policy - link at the bottom of the page
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