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School Children


Autism is a lifelong condition that affects the way a person communicates, relates to others, and behaves. 

Children with autism may have difficulty with:

  • Social interaction 

  • Repetitive and/or restrictive behaviours

  • Sensory difficulties 

Each child with autism is different. Children with autism can be supported in school by creating an individualized education plan that fits the needs of the child.

Our Services

Telephone Discussion


This is a telephone consultation with a doctor, usually lasting half an hour to discuss your concerns and help you decide on where to go from here.  

We start all new assessments with a telephone discussion, after receiving your pre-assessment questionnaires.


At this appointment we aim to discuss your child's difficulties and work out the best way forward in terms of what assessment is required, before you commit to any particular assessment.

Autism Assessment

Consultation room
Litfield exterior

Assessments for Autism are held at Litfield House.

Before your consultation we gather information on your child via standardised online questionnaires from yourself and from your child's school or educational placement.   

We then complete assessments for autism over two appointments.


At the first appointment you will meet one of our team for an autism assessment over the course of a morning, including an ADOS (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule) and a review of your child's educational and medical history.  

The second appointment will be with a Consultant and will usually last for 90 minutes and include a full medical history, physical examination and will conclude the assessment.

All assessments are completed under NICE guidelines and include a full written report outlining your child's strength's, needs, symptoms matched to DSM-V criteria and an  individualised care plan.


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