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School Children

Sleep Difficulties

Sleep difficulties are common in children with neurodevelopmental disorders. Not sleeping well can produce a range of effects on a child's development including:

  • Behavioural difficulties

  • Reduced academic achievement

  • Mental heath problems


At BICP we recognise that many therapies for treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders will be limited in their effectiveness until a child or young person is sleeping well.


We aim to address sleep issues as part of our assessment or Autism and ADHD, however we can also see children who have an existing diagnosis of autism or ADHD for support, including medical management of sleep using Melatonin.

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Our Services

Sleep Consultation

Consultation room

If your child already has a diagnosis of Autism or ADHD we can also offer separate consultation around sleep.  Please contact us below to arrange an appointment. 


If your child is being seen through BICP for an assessment of ADHD or Autism we can review sleep difficulties at this appointment as part of this assessment. 

As part of your child's care plan we may recommend sleep techniques or, for some children, medication such as Melatonin. 


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