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Dr Lisa Connell

Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist 


Dr Lisa Connell is a Consultant Psychiatrist experienced in many areas of mental health and specialises in providing psychiatric assessments for children and adolescents and assessing neurodevelopmental conditions.

Working in the field of mental health since 2004, she has worked within the NHS for 20 years, where she developed a skill for approaching assessments in a holistic way that considers all areas of a person's life and what makes them unique. Dr Connell continues to work within the NHS as a Consultant Psychiatrist alongside private work.


Lisa works collaboratively with patients to support them through difficult times and supports them to bring about change at the right pace for them, while also helping them to move forward into adult life.


Dr Connell is kind, considerate, and passionate about making a difference to the families and young people she works with. Her feedback is outstanding. She believes that mental and emotional wellbeing is a central part to living a fulfilled life, and that the right support at the right time can enable lasting change so life can be experienced to its fullest.


She came to psychiatry thanks to a keen interest in the mind-body connection. After completing her medical degree at St Barts and The Royal London Medical School, Dr Connell trained in Psychiatry at the highly competitive training scheme at St George’s and South West London under the supervision and tutelage of some of our national experts in mental health. In 2008, Dr Connell moved to Bristol to complete her training in Child Psychiatry.


Dr Connell has a wealth of experience in managing a wide range of psychiatric conditions including anxiety, depression, psychosis and eating disorders. She has vast experience in working with people who have neurodiversity. Her NHS posts have included both community settings and inpatient work as well as most recently working with people at a time of mental health crisis.


Dr Connell has been a trainer to psychiatric trainees during her time in the NHS and Safeguarding lead doctor for a large mental health trust in Bristol.

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